Mikeska focuses on the development of high quality [silk bomber jackets]. Our goal is to give silk a new image and establish it as a mark of quality in a new urban and luxury context. Each collection is built on the main piece, the bomber jacket. In Synagie, Mikeska focuses on the complete look in silk, complementing the bomber jacket and inspiring a new [street couture] look.

[THE BOMBER JACKET] was originally made in the 1950s for American bomber pilots. Its cut and padding makes the area around the shoulder and upper arm appear wider, creating opulence and expressiveness. Thus, the original bomber jacket, like no other, stands for a progressive appearance. Hardly any other piece of clothing is so discharged and socially integrated, as this in the origin, very critical to consider. Its classic design, with ribbed cuffs, zipper and collar, has hardly changed over the years and therefore remains timeless. The combination of functionality, comfort and style makes the bomber jacket a timeless classic. The origin and determination of the fighter pilots & the silk butterfly in the focus of its delicacy and fragility magnetize the desire to create a unity. The symbol of the future and the possibility to overcome social barriers with fashion.
[SILK] is a material that has been known for centuries for its beauty, luxury and nurturing properties. The kilometer-long silk thread, spun off from the evolution house of the silk butterfly, the cocoon, embodies luxury in its purest form. Its fragile and enchanting nature makes it a sought-after material for exclusive and noble products. Silk in its lightness and grace, is a symbol of style and sophistication, regardless of current fashion trends. Silk remains the elegance of the present. In craftsmanship, it requires attention, sensitivity and sensuality in processing. For Mikeska in manufacturing an absolute love of tailoring.


[The collection]

Constant social changes bring with them a desire for individuality. Supposed dress codes are dissolving and rigid conventions are being overcome. The collections are therefore oriented towards our customers as individuals. Mikeska, does not assign pieces to any gender. Cross-gender silhouettes and fits, based on a new cut and fit strategy, are the basis for a timeless „street couture“ look.

[100% SILK]

Value and respect for the customer
will help save the planet

[THE FOUNDER] and creative head Kerstin, gained decades of experience as senior head of, in large German fashion houses. She traveled around the world and learned different ways of designing, developing, producing and selling fashion. In her vision of a sustainable quality standard, she formulates her passion, almost dogmatically: Design & Quality for the customer first. With her down to earth heart and passion for fashion, she founded MIKESKA in 2021, her counter design to the fast fashion dominated industry.

Nowadays, [SUSTAINABILITY] is a very important factor in the fashion industry. Silk is a high quality natural product that provides a perfect basis for an ecologically sustainable design. We focus on high quality „surplus silk“ to ensure sustainability. Our in-house platform [MIKESKA LAB] is our foundation and expertise, for design, cutting, prototyping and production and ensures our 100% made in Germany label.

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